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Daily Log & Annual Reports

Daily Log

This activity log provides a snapshot of incidents investigated by our officers, as well as their general location and incident report numbers. Privacy concerns or ongoing investigations may require that certain incident codes (i.e. Sex Crimes and Drug Information) are not included in this report, so this list should not be considered a complete representation of our activities.

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Annual Reports

At least annually, we produce a report that details our activities during the previous calendar year. Other reports can also be found here, including one that details our most recent, comprehensive community survey.

2017 Vermillion Police Department Annual Report

2016 Community Survey Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2012 Community Survey Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Graphic Representation

2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

Press Narratives

Officers responded to a parking complaint. A parking ticket was issued.

Officers investigated a report of a stolen moped.

Officers arrested two adults for a felony warrant out of Wisconsin.

Caller reported a burglary to his home while he was away. Three firearms were taken. Under investigation.

Officers responded to an off-road vehicle that was involved in an accident and abandoned at the accident scene. Under investigation.

Caller reported a man was planning to drive and was intoxicated. Officers found the man in question was not intoxicated. Under investigation.

Officers responded to a complaint of a barking dog.

While conducting a bar check, an officer contacted a man, who he knew was under 21. The man was drinking and admitted to using a fake id to get into the bar. The man was cited.

Officer responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Investigation resulted in a man being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

A parent advised her teenage daughter had runaway. Officers located the daughter who had been consuming alcohol. An adult under 21 had provided the alcohol and consumed as well. Charges were referred to the State's Attorney.

During the course of an investigation, officers arrested one adult female with an active warrant.

Officers conducted a traffic stop and the driver was cited for speeding.

Caller had fallen at a local gas station and requested help getting back up. Officers responded and assisted the man back up.

An officer was notified of an assault that had occurred at the Library. Under investigation.

Officers stopped a car in the north side of town for speeding. The driver was cited for driving while suspended.

Officers investigated a case where a car was tampered with. The suspects were found to be two juvenile males. Charges are pending.

Officers were called for a fight occurring in a parking lot. Officers investigated and cited both people involved for Disorderly Conduct.

FRAUD ALERT: Complainant reported receiving a call from a person pretending to be a relative who had just been in an accident. The accident was the excuse given for the voice being different and the confusion regarding facts the caller had. The caller said a lawyer was helping him bail out. A "lawyer" then called and wanted the complainant to immediately pay $4000 for bail money. This a relatively common fraud. Don't provide the caller with any information. Call the "arresting agency" or the relative directly to verify if there is a problem.

Officers stopped a car for speeding in the north side of town. The driver was cited and released.

Officers responded to a man who was found in the road with a head injury. The man was intoxicated and stated he was assaulted but would not provide any additional information. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived and transported the subject to the Emergency Room.