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Daily Log & Annual Reports

Daily Log

This activity log provides a snapshot of incidents investigated by our officers, as well as their general location and incident report numbers. Privacy concerns or ongoing investigations may require that certain incident codes (i.e. Sex Crimes and Drug Information) are not included in this report, so this list should not be considered a complete representation of our activities.

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Annual Reports

At least annually, we produce a report that details our activities during the previous calendar year. Other reports can also be found here, including one that details our most recent, comprehensive community survey.

2018 Vermillion Police Department Annual Report

2017 Vermillion Police Department Annual Report

2016 Community Survey Report

2016 Annual Report

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Press Narratives

Officers responded to a report of an intruder at a residence during the overnight hours.

Officers investigated a report of a disturbance at a residence as well as a report of illegal drug activity.

Officers responded to a medical call involving an elderly person who had been ill for some time. They provided care until the ambulance arrived. The patient was transported to the hospital.

An officer saw a vehicle pass a school bus whose stop arm and red lights were activated. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for failing to stop for school bus.

Officers responded to a report of a gas leak. When they arrived, they learned the odor reported was coming from the sewers and not a natural gas leak.

Officers are investigating a sex crime. Under investigation.

Complainant reported a vehicle passed a school bus while its red stop lights and stop arm were activated. Investigation identified the vehicle and driver. The driver was cited for failing to stop for a school bus.

Officers responded to report of an elderly person with swollen legs, unable to walk. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived and assisted the ambulance in transporting the subject to the hospital.

FRAUD ALERT - Subject receive a FB message from a friend offering a government grant. When contacted the grant people (Fraudsters) asked for $1,000 up front to process the $50,000 grant request. This is a fraud do not provide any information. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

An officer assisted Court Services with taking a subject on probation into custody.

An officer stopped a vehicle for doing 54 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver was cited.

Officers responded to a residence where a cat had gotten stuck in a garage. Officers were able to free the cat.

Officers received a report of a possible child abuse. Under investigation.

Caller reported a subject on probation was using drugs. Information was passed onto Court Services.

An officer saw a vehicle accelerate quickly on ice wet road, going into an uncontrolled swerve into the oncoming lane. This was in a school zone. The driver was cited for overdriving conditions.

Officers were called to a residence to investigate a report of suspicious activity.

Hospital requested assistance removing a man who was refusing to leave the secure area of the hospital. The officer worked with the man to find a ride and leave the hospital.

Officers conducted a traffic stop and began an investigation after detecting the odor of alcohol coming from within the car. Five adults were cited for underage consumption.