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How do I get a copy of a Police Report?

Requests for public records should be made by completing and submitting the Vermillion Police Department Request for Public Records form. Upon receipt of a completed form, the Chief of Police or his designee will review the request and determine which, if any, records can be released. At that time, the requestor will be notified of the disposition of his/her request, as well as any fees associated with preparation of the record.

How do I dispute a parking ticket?

Formally disputing a parking ticket is a two step process: First, you must come to the police department to have a court date set for you to appear before the Magistrate. Next, to schedule a court date for this purpose, the Clerk of Courts requires that all court fees must be paid in advance, as a bond. The fees, which are approximately $40, must be paid directly to the Clerk of Courts office, which is located in the Clay County Courthouse. Should the Magistrate find you innocent, all court fees will be refunded by that office. However, if the Magistrate finds you guilty of the infraction, the court fees will be applied and the parking ticket fee also becomes due.

How do I reach Animal Control?

Animal Control for Vermillion is handled by the Code Compliance Department, which maintains an office in City Hall. The office phone number during regular business hours is (605) 677-7089. After hours emergency animal control issues are dispatched by Clay Area Emergency Communications, (605) 677-7070.

How do I reach the State's Attorney's office, the Clay County Jail, The Clerk of Courts or The City Finance Office?

  • Clay County State's Attorney: (605) 677-7107
  • Clay County Jail: (605) 677-7117
  • Clay County Clerk of Courts: (605) 677-6755
  • Vermillion City Finance office: (605) 677-7095

Is finger printing available at the Police Department? Do I need to schedule a specific time? What is the cost to get fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting as a service is handled by the Clay County Sheriff's Department, which is located in the same building as the Vermillion Police Department. The contact phone number for questions regarding finger printing is (605) 677-7100, or you can visit CCSO's webpage to find out more information.

Do you take credit cards to purchase reports, tow fees, and parking tickets?

Yes. During regular business hours (M-F, 8a-5p), we do take Master Card, Visa, and Discover. By telephone or in person, credit cards can be used to pay any fee with the Vermillion Police Department. Fees do apply - $2 minimum fee under $50.00, or 4% above $50.00.

My car was towed - how do I get it out of impound?

We employ a rotating schedule for tow services. Depending on the service that towed your car, it could either be in the City impound yard or a private one. Contact us at (605) 677-7070 to determine where your vehicle is being stored and to whom you must pay fees for its release. If your vehicle has been towed to Vermillion's municipal impound lot, the tow and storage fees can be paid at the police department, located at 15 Washington Street. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once all fees have been satisfied and any required documentation has been provided, you will be directed to the impound lot to retrieve your vehicle.

If your vehicle was towed to a private impound yard, arrangements must be made with that specific provider for payment and release.

How would I get my property back if it was taken for evidence?

Property that has been taken as evidence in a case will typically take several weeks to be released, however each case is unique. The Evidence Custodian will contact you when the items have been approved for release to the rightful owner. If you would like to check on the status of property, the Evidence Custodian can be reached by calling the Police Department at (605) 677-7070 Monday thru Friday. Please call in advance to schedule a meeting as the hours for the Evidence Custodian change frequently. A photo ID is required when claiming any property.