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School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer program is a combined effort between schools and law enforcement to provide a safe school environment. The goal is to give students a place to learn that is free from physical and mental intimidation. The SRO helps promote and develop positive interaction between students and law enforcement. The Vermillion Police Department provides one SRO to work in the Vermillion schools. This SRO works in conjunction with the SRO that is provided by the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

SRO Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Traffic enforcement before, during, and after school
  • Working with school administrators to monitor the security of the school campus to include the parking lots
  • Assist with classroom presentations when practical
  • Investigate all child abuse and child neglect cases brought to their attention
  • Provide individual counseling to students on a variety of concerns with the assistance, when appropriate or mandated, of school personnel and parents
  • Teach DARE
  • Work with the school truancy officer to ensure children are attending school