Chief's Message

On behalf of the men and women of the Vermillion Police Department, congratulations on your interest in becoming an officer with the Vermillion Police Department. The Vermillion Police Department consists of 20 sworn and 2 non-sworn employees that provide services to approximately 11,500 citizens. The Vermillion Police Department is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and training a highly-skilled and qualified department that embodies the pillars of community-oriented policing.

To ensure that we provide only the best services for members of our community, our hiring process is extensive. After completing an application, a candidate will receive a call to schedule a panel interview. If the candidate is selected, he/she will complete a background investigation conducted by our Criminal Investigations Division. At this point, the candidate will receive a conditional offer. If the offer is accepted, the next steps consist of a polygraph examination, a psychological examination, and a medical examination. The candidate will receive a final offer and begin our 16-week PTO program. Within 1 year of hire, the candidate must attend the South Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy in Pierre, SD.

Thank you for your interest in joining an outstanding team!

How Can I Apply?

The Vermillion Police Department strives to hire professionals to join our ranks. If you have a passion for working in a progressive agency geared toward customer service, you came to the right place! We provide our citizens with top-tiered service and work to go the extra mile.

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Minimum Requirements:

Salary and Benefits

The City of Vermillion offers competitive pay and benefits to ensure our officers are compensated for their excellent service to the community.

The Vermillion Police Department offers a 12-step pay scale with annual step increases and Cost of Living Adjustments. Non-Certified Officers start at Step 1. We provide an additional step for attaining each of the following achievements: Current Law Enforcement Certification AND a Bachelor's degree. New officers have the potential to begin at Step 3 if they are a current law enforcement officer and possess a Bachelor's degree.

Step 1: Non-Certified (2023): $24.21/hr or $50,357/yr
Step 2: Certified OR Bachelor's degree (2023): $24.82/hr or $51,626/yr
Step 3: Certified AND Bachelor's degree (2023): $25.68/hr or $53,414/yr

Other Benefits:

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