Chaplain Program

The Vermillion Police Department Chaplain Program is a partnership between law enforcement officers and volunteer members of our local faith communities. Faith is an integral aspect of our lives. The Vermillion Police Department recognizes the importance and how faith can positively influence people in our community. Our Chaplains are paired with patrol officers to provide emotional and spiritual support for them and for the community during times of crisis and turmoil.

Our volunteer Chaplains have two primary goals within our community:

The Police Chaplain's role:

If a Police Chaplain is available, we may request that they be present to assist:

If you want to volunteer as a Police Chaplain or have any questions regarding the program, please contact Detective Matt Davis at

Current Chaplains:

Jason ReasonerJason Reasoner
Pastor - Cornerstone Church
Tony ArmbrustTony Armbrust
Pastor - Faith Fellowship Church
Arvid KruegerArvid Krueger
Elder - Hillside Community Church
Carl GutzmanCarl Gutzman
Elder - Hillside Community Church
Jason SchmidtJason Schmidt
Elder - Hillside Community Church
Denny DavisDenny Davis
Deacon - St. Agnes Catholic Church

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